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Saved Saved

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The animation itself is rather mediocre And overall 2edgy4me.
Quite hypocritical to just gravitate from one extreme to the other instead of actually doing any thinking for yourself.
Clearly, your poor childhood speaks for every every church out there, and every follower of the faith wants you to abandon the heresy of critical thinking.
The only thing you got indoctrinated with was a narrow mind that you still carry with you.
You aught abandon any views you have on the matter, drop your bias, read a bible and come to your own conclusion- instead of cling to what has been and write off the entire subject because of it, then critically think about your way of thinking.

Iznvm responds:

It's irresponsible for you to assume. I have read the bible. I have asked questions and I have had many many discussions with many people. I have reached my current "mindset" because of tons of research and learning and I stated before, my opinions change as information presented to me changes, so I don't cling to one thing and run. I still see the damage of the indoctrinated and entitled mindset and wanted to comment on that, so I have. Thanks for your review.

Virginia Tech Shootout! Virginia Tech Shootout!

Rated 0 / 5 stars



2 Guys & a Jigsaw Puzzle 2 Guys & a Jigsaw Puzzle

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Other way around

The frat boy should be the one doing the jigsaw puzzle.

TmsT responds:

Indeed, the fratboy's superior understanding of jigsaw-solving strategy does qualify him as the one who SHOULD be doing the jigsaw puzzle, but then there would be no conflict between characters, and what kind of story would it be without conflict? Without struggle? Without change? Now I don't wish for you to change your opinion, because I too believe that the fratboy is the better jigsaw puzzle solver, but I would hope that you can agree that the story is more engaging and fulfilling if it depicts a situation that is in the grip of a problem, so that our protagonist - the fratboy - can step in and effect some change. It is a timeless tale, told countless times in myriad ways, comparable and incomparable, and whose relevance to our own lives never fades. For this reason, it is up to we, the storytellers, to continue to tell this story through new characters and/or scenarios that reflect the contemporary cultures, concerns, heroes and stereotypes of our times. Indeed, the moral of this story in its many forms is that the fratboy should be the one doing the jigsaw puzzle. But let not his epic struggle against his opponents frustrate you to the point of not enjoying the progress of his quest. Be inspired, be moved, and be instructed by his trials. Realise that he struggles for you. For us. For all of us who can see through his fratboyish facade and see ourselves. It is through no accident of fate or faulty design of myself or any other creators that he is destined to undertake a task that somebody else is currently doing ineffectually. Feel not grumpity that he suffers for you. Feel, if one must, grumpity, that oneself may be manytimes confronted with such obstacles in one's own adventures, and that one must strive to become the one doing the jigsaw puzzles for which one is best fit. And in the dark times, when it may seem that one is not fit for anything, one must confront one's surroundings, yea, not unlike the straight-edged piece that did not at first fit its gap in the puzzle in our story! For was it not told that with the proper manipulation of the surrounding pieces, the piece that seemed to some unbelievers not to fit, was truly shown to find its place at last, after much righteous toil and struggle? Yea, twas told indeed! Now go forth, my brother, and spread the joyous word of this story of two fellows and a jigsaw puzzle and no other meanings before this!

Clogged Tubes Ep 1 Clogged Tubes Ep 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wouldnt be surprised

If at some point this happened somewhere.
In anycase, good animation.

Punch-O-Matic! Punch-O-Matic!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

wish i had one back in the day.

I had to stick with the problem solver.
the punch-o-matic would have been a better solution.

Pussy Game Pussy Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I see what you did there.

It wasn't creative.
But dat animation and dem tunes make up for it.

Nyan Steve 1955-2011 Nyan Steve 1955-2011

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not soon enough.

Scamming people annually from beyond the grave.
Don't forget to upgrade your Iphone. :D

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|~Love Us Forever~| |~Love Us Forever~|

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Google searching does wonders.

Admirable that you replaced the flash.
But i don't entirely agree with it. This way of thinking is also what leads to things like X should be banned because it encourages X. We can sit here all day talking about what should or shouldnt be said because it does this or that.

the bottom line is X holds no power over someones ability to make a choice.
and i find its removal silly when it can still be easily found, and said people will just as easily find somthing else to point a finger at, to justify what they're doing.

I give it 5 for taking an honorable road, but being replaced with hardly anything.

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SS - Keys of our Past SS - Keys of our Past

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Here i thought i was going to watch an animation, Not a bunch of baised, inaccurate statments in the form of a slideshow trying to further an agenda.

RiverJordan responds:

Pft, you got neither of those things!

Dusk of the Madness Dusk of the Madness

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It finishes the series yes, the animation is very lovly as well, but there were just parts that threw me off.
So, he suspects the boat driver is a zombie, so rather then alert the others, or arm himself, he goes to open the door first, THEN draws his weapon to the ready.
The scientist shoots one of the bandits with his revolver,, but leaves the other 2 whom they just handed all their guns, alive? I know he isnt revolver ocelot but alot of the deaths just seemed tacked on so it could come to an end. but all in all, i still really enjoyed the animation.

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